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We are a government authorized company dealing in lottery tickets of various states including Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Punjab, Bodoland.SIKKIM. We are serving the people from past 18 years. We turned the dreams of so many people into reality. We are also committed to fulfill the dreams of public into reality in future.

Weekly Tickets

Weekly lottery ticket is such kind of ticket where you get a chance to try your luck every week, you can try your luck at lesser price, we have weekly tickets pricing Rs. 6-50, tickets are available in different series , such as bodoland state Derby 20 lottery, nagaland state dear lottery, dear lucky lottery @ just Rs. 6

Monthly Tickets

What if we say that you can try your luck every month? At the Trikun Lottery we have monthly lottery tickets, the draw of which is conducted every month, the monthly lottery tickets cost just Rs. 50, and are available in different series, such as bodoland state Derby super lottery just Rs. 50 with series A-E

Bumper Tickets

The Bumper Lottery Tickets are a Kind of Seasonal Tickets, Which has the Prize Money in Crores Such as 1-5 Crores, The Tickets Cost From Rs. 100-2000, Tickets are in different Series From A - E, For example AS 1-5 for example Punjab state rakhi bumper rs 200, Sikkim state Diwali bumper rs. 2000

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We deliver all over India which includes cities and states.



The packet will be dispatched immediately the payment is recieved.



Our duty does not ends once the ticket is dispatched, rather it begins then.Any of our customer can inquire us anytime.



You can buy tickets through our company using a number of portals including Whats App, Direct Calling, E-mail or via the website itself.



We are a government authorized dealer having an experience of 18 years.



While remitting the tickets having value more than 1000 rupees, we do not charge any shipping charges.

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Why we started online selling of

the lottery tickets?

we discovered that alot of people wish to buy lottery tickets but are unable to do that because government has banned lottery merchandising in their state. So we at THE TRIKUN LOTTERY bought an idea of online lottery where anyone from any state can order a lottery ticket through our website. This not only helps them try their luck sitting in a completely different state but also provides them additional comfort of getting the ticket while they are relaxing at their home

Why believe in the The Trikun lottery?

we are in this business from past 18 years and we have had an excellent track record. Apart from this we get a number of repeat orders on daily basis which acts like a cherry to the cake. Also the various services and facilities we have add on to the transparency that we provide.
Thus making us very reliable and trustworthy

How to get the prize money?

For the prizes under 10,000 the amount is directly transferred to the winner’s bank account. For the prizes exceeding 1,000 the winner visits that particular state to avail the prize amount himself/herself


Yes It is Legal, you can purchase the lottery ticket any where from India

Tickets are delivered within 4-5 working days

If you win the lottery ticket then your claim will be transferred to your bank account.

28% gst will be deducted From the prize money

We have tickets of different states such as nagaland, Punjab, bodoland, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh state lottery.

You can via direct bank transfer, paytm, phone pe google pay, PayPal, credit and debit card

No, payment is to be paid in advance.

We are Located at Ludhiana.

We deals in Weekly, Monthly and Bumper Tickets.

Feel free to call us 8196963809 & mail us

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